If you are surfing through food sites and looking at recipes, then I can probably assume that you are either passionate about cooking or open to experiment with your recipes or a novice all buckled up to learn and excel in the art of cooking… In either case we share a common interest and that is called “food.” So, I wholeheartedly welcome you to participate with me in making this world a happy place to eat and suffice our palates.

Let’s become friends, and I henceforth introduce myself. My name is Manmit and I am totally in love with food.. the aroma, the spices, the colors, the textures, the warmth, the variety, the sizzles, the frizzles… everything makes me an avid foodie and a passionate cook!! I love to cook and host parties for friends and family. With each passing day,  my passion for cooking is jumping leaps and bounds to reach the epitome in cooking.

I’ll be more than happy to share my recipes with you all and wholeheartedly open to your suggestions and comments!

Come on,  together let’s make it a better place to eat and celebrate!

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